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Satan and his clever Shroud of Turin trickery

Jon J. Cardwell writes one of the more comprehensive biblical-literalism arguments against the shroud on the Justification by Grace blog. It’s long hair again and it’s the napkin that was about his head again, and a lot more. And then there is this clever hypothesis:

How then does one explain some of the inexplicable anomalies that the shroud seems to posses: the 3-dimensional quality of the image; the laser-like transmission of the image that is beyond our present technology, etc? Frankly, I can’t explain them. Neither do I care to. Satan has been very good at getting our attention off of God and getting us to waste our time on trivialities. If Satan, as the father of lies, can disguise himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), then he’s probably clever enough to provide some trickery in this world. . . .

Is one tempted to wonder who is tricked by whom?

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