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Now we are cooking with Sciencebod

imageColinB writes:

[. . . some are claiming (or to that effect)] . . . elevated levels of bilirubin, despite the fact that bilirubin is light-sensitive and prone to photoxidation? I could tell you quite a lot about the latter, having spent two years researching the phototherapy of neonatal jaundice (my first published paper in 1972 as it happens). (emphasis mine)

ColinB, please do tell us. Let me assure you that the goal of most Shroud of Turin researchers, by the hundreds over several decades, is to determine the truth: scientific, historical, etc. If oxidation is a potential problem it should be addressed. 

I assume by now that you’ve read A DETAILED CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE CHEMICAL STUDIES ON THE TURIN SHROUD: FACTS AND INTERPRETATIONS by Thibault Heimberger. It is an excellent paper, particularly in its discussions about the bilirubin-rich blood. It is only about 30 pages. I also recommend:

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