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Reflections On The Shroud Of Turin–Recommended

imageRobert Perry at NHNE Pulse:

A carbon-dating test in 1988 measured the cloth as originating between 1260 and 1390. And that seemed to put an end to it. The Shroud was proclaimed a fake and one of the scientists who measured its age labeled belief in it on par with being a flat-earther.

But that didn’t end it. People slowly realized that the date didn’t explain how the image got there — an image that is not composed of paint, but of some kind of chemical change to the cloth itself — and why everything else about the Shroud seemed so flawlessly realistic. The carbon-dating stood on one side while a mountain of other equally scientific evidence stood on the other. It wasn’t a case of science vs. faith, but of science vs. science. (emphasis mine)

Full article: Reflections On The Shroud Of Turin | NHNE Pulse

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