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New Kindles from Helmut Felzmann

imageHelmut Felzmann, a member of the Shroud Science Group, writes:

I want to inform you that there are 2 new ebooks from me available on Amazon (later also on other platforms in ePub-format) :

(1) ebook1: "Resurrected or Revived – Why the Turin Shroud puts the Core of Pauline Christianity in Question"


(2) ebook2: "In Search of the "Real God" – Beyond Pauline Christianity"

They are volume 1 and volume 2 of the book series "New Light on Jesus", which is available as paperback.

Links are always US (

ebook1 deals only with the Shroud and has 2 reasonably updated chapters:

The History of the Shroud and the Portrayal of Jesus : This refers to the relations between the TS and the portrayals of Jesus in the 4th century before the "image of edessa" became the standard for all portrayals of Jesus in the Byzantine Empire.

Fraud on the Turin Shroud – the C14-dating fiasco: The statement is now unambigous, the evidence allows no other conclusion.

Yes these ebooks are no models for mainstream "Shroud-convictions" but the result of my more than 35 years of study of the shroud and the results of shroud research.

Ebook2 is initially the result of my own spiritual struggle with the main outcome of the research, namely that as far as humanly possible to tell Jesus has survived his crucifixion.

You must now that in my twenties I have been a strong traditional Christian believer and a member of a Pentecostal church, a branch from the US. The Shroud has been for me a kind of proof for the core of my belief that Jesus supernaturaly rose from the death and that the image was the result of a kind of energy-flash during the resurrection.

My insight 1999 that only a living body can cause such an image was first a kind of shock for me; but indeed it only accompanied a paradigm-shift, which was already occurring during this time in my thinking. And this paradigm-shift again was the consequence of the process of overcoming an extreme traumatic experience which took place in the first months of my life. A long story, which I do not want to bore you with. The result is that I (originally an MBA and business administrator of an IT-company) became ultimately a therapist myself ( .

Therefore I humbly feel that I have something to say in the area of science, religion, spirituality and psychology / psychotherapy.

Of course also German versions are available – here are the links at

Auferstanden oder aufgestanden? :

Auf der Suche nach dem "wirklichen Gott" :

Neues Licht auf Jesus:

Even a french version is available – the french ebook contains both volumes but concerning ebook1 an older version:

Nouvelle Lumière sur Jésus:

An update for all printed books is available as PDF in English and German. If you have the paperback-book or the french ebook just contact me and I mail to you the update-pdf at no cost. The paperback in french will be available soon at but of course you can directly receive it from me together with the update. A french translation of the update is intended.

ebook1 (shroud) has no digital rights management, so that it can be easily converted into PDF and printed (e.g. via calibre

An ebook can be updated at any time. So if you read it and find something which is objectively wrong please inform me and I will check and update the text if necessary.

I consider Helmut a friend and disagree with him on just about everything, particularly his views on Swoon Theory, image creation, and the carbon dating of the shroud. Though I may disagree, I recommend reading his books as I do recommend reading everything about the shroud. Make up your own mind.

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