Shroud of Turin Tinfoil hat alert

A commenter summarizes part of the message of this tape:

Jesus is back, now as Yahweh since 1944, its ABOUT TIME for the Whole World to know of Christ’s return and the wonderful wonders Yahweh brings to Humanity and Earth! These are most amazing times! Yahweh and Asherah you two are the best!

This is an Address to Barry Schwortz, Russ Breault, Dan Porter, Dame Isabel Paczek on Shroud of Turin on YouTube.

I fell asleep twice trying to watch it despite the fact that it is addressed to me, as well as friends and colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Shroud of Turin Tinfoil hat alert”

  1. It’s easy enough to find these wackos. I skip out of their websites as fast as I can. Of course, they never address their videos to ME personally so I’m a little jealous that you’re Special. :D

  2. Wacko, lol, I think is a nice term for these people! I wonder what they must be smoking actually. Annie, sarcasm noted; I still think empathy would be the most appropriate feeling towards Dan here. Poor guy must get bombarded with ‘crud’ like this, along with the other addresee’s listed. ;-D


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