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Quote for Today by David Rolfe

imageSO WELL PUT AND SO TRUE:  From an email yesterday:

Journalists are not normally experts on the subjects on which they report. They must always look for a countervailing view. The problem with the Shroud is – and I speak from experience – it is impossible to find anyone who has actually made a detailed impartial study of the Shroud who remains, on balance, skeptical about its authenticity. Consequently, only highly partial critics are available to journalists and thus the Shroud and the public remain badly served. Of course, among Shroud enthusiasts there is plenty to discuss and differ over, but basic authenticity is not a dividing issue.David Rolfe

By-the-way, if you haven’t seen David’s revised website, click on the above image or visit Oh, and also, the old URL now redirects to the new URL, which is a big deal since it protects old links.

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