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Shroud of Turin Quote for Today by Stephen King

imageThe quotation is old, well sort of, like 2002. But I just encountered it this morning for the first time.  It is from a novel by Stephen King called Pet Sematary. This is it:

He had likewise agreed with an acquaintance in the dorm who had said, during an all-night bull session during Louis’s sophomore year at Chicago, that the Bible was suspiciously full of miracles which had ceased almost completely during the age of rationality (“totally ceased,” he had said at first but had been forced backward at least one step by others who claimed with some authority that there were still plenty of weird things going on, little pockets of perplexity in a world that had become by and large a clean, well-lighted place—there was, for instance, the Shroud of Turin, which had survived every effort to debunk it).

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