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Did Jesus Eat Fish? Not according to the Shroud of Turin. Go Figure.

imageOften we hear from from a very small number of people that the Shroud of Turin can’t be real because Jesus had short hair (says who and what is short in the context of time and place?).

But Khaetlyn Grindell over at Working Class Vegan writes:

Many Biblical scholars believe Jesus was a member of the Nazarene Essenes, a Jewish religious sect that followed a vegetarian diet and rejected animal sacrifices. This is possible when one looks at the Shroud of Turin, a centuries old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man, whom many believe to be Jesus. If Jesus was indeed a member of the Nazarene Essenes, he would also have taken the vow of a Nazarene, thus not cut his hair (Numbers 6:5). In the imprint found in the shroud of turin, there is a man with west-asian features (Nazareth is in west Asia), who has long hair, further supporting the claim Jesus was a member of the Nazarene Essenes.

Define long hair. And while you are at it explain this logic from the same posting.

"Jesus ate fish."

There are two ways this could be argued:

  1. Jesus did NOT eat fish and was a vegetarian, or
  2. Jesus DID eat fish but it does not matter.

How about, Jesus ate fish and lamb, eggs, and maybe even the four types of locusts that were kosher. And it does matter. Locusts were eaten by Jews in all biblical times. Don’t many people claim that John the Baptist was an Essene. Didn’t he eat locusts? If, however, you want to believe Jesus was vegan, go for it. Even if you convince me, I’ll eat meat.

Source: Working Class Vegan: "Jesus ate fish."

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