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Max’s Shroud of Turin papers. What gives?

imageThe reader from Annapolis who asked Max for his paper from Frascati writes:

Tell Max the ROFLMAO is “her” ass. What gives? I asked for a copy of a paper that he submitted for publication in the proceedings of the Frascati conference because he kept talking about his Frascati talk.  He writes back that he has sent you the first six pages of a paper for the Torun conference, a completely different conference, even before sending it to the conference secretary. Is that ethical? The first six pages, is that because he hasn’t finished it. Send the Frascati paper. It is finished and unpublished. The Frascati folks rejected it so they do not have any claim on it. Dan will you publish it?

I cannot publish the Torun paper without permission from the conference sponsors or a clarification from them about copyright reservations for the proceedings. Moreover, I won’t publish the first part of a paper. It would have to be the full paper. If Max wants to summarize the content of his Torun paper in an email, I can publish that.

I’m intrigued by what the Frascati paper says. If Max wants to send that, I’ll publish it since the Frascati folks will not be doing so. What gives, indeed?

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