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God, Tim Tebow and the Shroud of Turin

imageBerry Tramel, Sports columnist, should stick to sports. He seems to be confusing Palm Sunday with Easter. From his latest column:

So what did Barber do Sunday? He ran out of bounds on the first, fumbled on the second.

Maybe it wasn’t Barber’s fault. Maybe Barber was powerless to stop providential forces. Maybe God really is watching out for Tim Tebow.

Maybe Jehovah Jireh is taking an interest in the National Football League. Maybe the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching out for the team of Elway, Fox and Miller. Maybe God cares if the Denver Broncos win on Sunday.

“He doesn’t,” said a sharp gal in the office with a degree from Azusa Pacific, an evangelical Christian university in California.

But what if He does?

“He doesn’t.”

OK. But what if He does?

“He doesn’t.”

Probably so. But what if He does?

I mean, didn’t all the Florida writers at the Big Bowl three years ago try to tell us? Didn’t they wave palm branches at Tebow like he was wearing the shroud of Turin?

This isn’t even a good sports story.

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