imageAlmost two weeks ago, David Rolfe sent me a message. I was going to post it and for some reason, I didn’t. Anyway, and with apologies for being tardy, here it is:

As you may have already seen on SSG I have just released a new video exploring the ideas of Dr Andrew Silverman. (See: ) Indirectly, it might have a connection with the discussion regarding the Gnostics although not supporting the idea of Gnostic creation, as such. You will also have seen that I have offered our subscribers an additional 5% discount in the store over and above the Christmas reductions. This is extended to your readers and it can be obtained by entering the code shroud11. The BluRay and new HD Stills are all now in the store as well as an iPod download of the 2010 film for the exposition.

I’ve taken out the link above; doesn’t work and has been replaced with Use that from now on. (Why didn’t David leave in place and have it forward to the new domain? By not doing so, old links from blogs, press releases, etc. are broken. Arggh!)

I’m not excited by the video interview with Silverman. I’ve been critical of Silverman’s talk radio appearances on la-la land shows like “"Thresholds Into Other Realms: All aspects of the paranormal realm, UFO’s & extraterrestrial life.” I’ve said, of these appearances on,

Some of it is good. The explanation of the reweaving repair that messed up the carbon dating is excellent. Some of it is really weird; in my opinion la-la land. It is pseudoscience. And for some who care, it is theologically strange. But all of that is my opinion. You need to listen, yourself.

Anyway, watch the video at