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Was the Shroud of Turin created by Gnostics?

imageDavid Roemer (pictured) writes:

I just published a slideshow on the internet ("Shroud of Turin: The Truth"). The address is I present Robert Drew’s theory that the Shroud was created by Gnostics in the 1st or 2nd century.

Frankly, I don’t see a convincing argument. But have a look (First click on the slide show. Unless you are a speed reader, don’t click on Play; use Next and Previous or the thumbnail navigation bar at the top.)

I’d like to know what you think. Was the Shroud of Turin created by Gnostics?

If you are interested in Robert Drew’s book, “In Search of the Shroud of Turin: New Light on Its History and Origins" (out of print), check it out on Amazon. There was only ever one customer review of the book written in March of 1984, a couple of months before the book was published. Hmmm. It is a five star review, seems a bit snarky and has the feel of being planted. Sample:

. . . Ian Wilson (a journalist and not a true historian) first published a book attempting to reconstruct a history for the Shroud prior to 1350. If it was "authentic" (a dangerous word, but for our purposes here let’s say originated in 1st century), then where was it for all those years? Wilson connected the dots between eastern legends about a real cloth and the Turin Shroud.

Drews, who IS a real historian, came along and did a much more critical appraisal. Surprisingly, there is many good reasons why Wilson’s reconstruction is actually reasonable, although the further back he goes, the more lost he gets, because, like most 20th century Christians, the nuances of early church history (which is to say, of the MULTIPLE early churches) is lost on him, . . . 

Anyway. Your thoughts on this theory. Any substance to the argument that the shroud was created by Gnostics?

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