Getting on Antiques Roadshow

imageIf you have ever been curious about how people get selected to appear on Antiques Roadshow, Behind the Scenes: How people get on Antiques Roadshow at NewsWorks will tell you:

[A]dmittance is by means of a lottery. Winners get timed tickets good for one hour. When they enter the showroom their items get a preliminary look and they are directed to one of the groups of appraisers. “There are 60-80 appraisers at every event,” said Cresswell, and they are grouped according to subject matter – books, furniture, paintings and the like. . . .

Out of each show’s thousands of attendees, only 60 to 70 people are chosen to be filmed for the show. Three TV shows are put together out of the day’s clips in every city. . . .

Cresswell [one of the appraisers] had an odd experience once in Minneapolis where, he said, “Eight people came up to my table with a picture of the Shroud of Turin. There must have been a really great salesman there about 50 years ago.”


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  1. 50 years ago the only organization making Shroud materials available in the U.S. was the Holy Shroud Guild. I would bet that the “great salesman” referred to in the article was Fr. Francis Filas.

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