International Conference on The Shroud of Turin in Valencia Next April

Gabriel writes: “You two can try to present your very “creative” theories at the next International Conference on The Shroud of Turin in Valencia (Spain), April 28-30 2012

And Yannick Clément replies: “Thanks Gabriel for this information ! It’s the first time I heard about this conference…”

Well now we know and hopefully we will find out more:


2 thoughts on “International Conference on The Shroud of Turin in Valencia Next April”

  1. That’s very interesting! Who is sponsoring this I wonder… is it the Catholic Church? No, it’s a University Event…

    The Spanish Center is a cultural association Sindonology therefore non-profit organization that aims to study the Shroud of Turin, but also that of other relics that may be or have been scientifically studied.
    Jorge Manuel Rodríguez Almenar
    Professor University of Valencia
    President of the Spanish Centre Sindonology (CES)

    Well, if the Catholic Church does not allow access to the Shroud, what is the point? Perhaps this group hopes to influence the Church with such an event?

    1. I can’t answer your question as it’s a good one but, I know they hold an International conference atleast once a year in different locals. Sometimes more then one. Anyways it would be awesome to be able to attend one of these, as I enjoy listening to many of the speakers that are listed. I would assume Barrie Schwortz will probably cover this conference quite well on his site, atleast I would hope so.


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