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Happy Thanksgiving Berkeley Nincompoops

Leah Garchik writes in the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Berkeley city officials adopted a resolution this week honoring the Native American leader Geronimo, but decided against asking President Obama to apologize for using his name in the May mission to kill Osama bin Laden. Instead, the city council asked the President to retroactively change the code name of the operation from ‘Operation Geronimo’ to ‘Operation bin Laden’ and pledge not to use Native American names in future military actions."

And now, on to the comments, which are pretty much the stuffing that overshadows the turkey:

The leadoff writer thought this an embarrassment for Berkeley; another wrote, "How do you think people would feel if we were using Anglo helicopters to launch Shroud of Turin missiles for Operation John the Baptist? Or perhaps an even better analogy would be: How would people feel if the German starting naming military operations for famous Jews?" (A few comments down, of course, someone wrote, "As an on-line discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.")

"Aren’t there potholes to fix?" asks a correspondent, while another, after some discussion, writes, "I think I’d rather ‘stand for racism’ than endorse any more of this Terminal Nincompoopery."

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