imageMaybe I should try to read it. Posted by Paolo A. Belzoni in Gloria Romanorum (available in hardcover and for Kindle):

Having viewed the image in color from a variety of angles, another strange thing happened. Though the image still appears to me to have been drawn by a human hand, it no longer appears ugly. To paraphrase an astute observation on the Holy Face website, the image seems to contain within itself all the attributes of the mysteries of the Rosary. It is sorrowful, joyful, glorious and luminous all at the same time.

As I said, I am still not sold on the theory that this image is the original Veronica that was displayed in Old St. Peter’s Basilica for hundreds of years. But at the very least, it is a very old and mysterious relic. The fact that it appears on byssus, or mussel-silk–an immensely costly material that will not hold a pigment and is nearly impossible to stain–adds to the mystery.

In short, this is an engrossing read. If you enjoyed books like Ian Wilson’s The Blood and the Shroud, you will most assuredly find The Face of God to be equally intriguing.