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Botany of the Shroud by Avinoam Danin is now available

Avinoam Danin’s newest book, Botany of the Shroud: The Story of Floral Images on the Shroud of Turin is now available online.  Here are some reviews from Prof Danin’s website:

"The book is absolutely beautiful and a great contribution!"

— Dr. P. Raven, Director, The Missouri Botanical Garden

"Having read it from cover to cover I found it extremely interesting and important; beautifully produced and ingeniously designed."

— Rex Morgan, Sindonologist, Australia

"While many have questioned the Shroud’s true origin, one small book by a widely-respected Jewish botanist provides strong evidence of its authenticity… The theological significance of Danin’s conclusions is immense…"

— Tania Mann, L’Osservatore Romano

The price of the book is $30.00. Though I am something of a skeptic when it comes to images of plants on the Shroud, I certainly intend to read his book. I’ve met Prof Danin and I have a great deal of respect for him.

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