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There is an Image of a Flying Saucer on the Shroud of Turin

imageA reader writes:

There are no images of coins on the shroud. Get over it. Yeah, there was that story of the K where a C should have been, it was kind of like a Readers Digest inspirational story and it convinced a lot of people. It wasn’t scientific.*

Yannick is completely right when he shoots down the whole premise logically. That there would be coins or even flowers makes no sense what so ever. Barrie, who studied this problem extensively, was also right when he said that the weave of the cloth was too course to support the purported detail. You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that this is so.

Those few people who see coins only see them on the 1931 photo which was technically beautiful for 1931. But was scientifically ridiculous. And then these few people who see these coins only see them after the 1931 photo has been serially contrast enhanced on orthochromatic film. Doing so randomly super-sizes the silver grains. It is like rubbing a crayon on a cement sidewalk and then looking for shapes in the mess you’ve made. When you do what they did to photos you can see anything. And if you did what they did again you would see different things. Did they ever go into a darkroom and try their experiment again to see if they could reproduce the same results? Of course not. It wasn’t scientific.

When I look closely at the 1931 photo of the Turin shroud I see a flying saucer. And not just any flying saucer. I see the same one that Leonardo da Vinci drew. Wow, will this spark some new conspiracy theories.**

Picknett and Prince where are you? You could combine “Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History” with your book “Stargate Conspiracy.” 

For those not familiar with the latter (it is not intended to be thought of as fiction) it is about the CIA and MI5 who are manipulating a secret cult of powerful and rich leaders, including leading scientists who believe that they are in direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligent beings from the star Sirius. These extraterrestrial beings are claiming to be the gods of ancient Egypt, the very gods responsible for the image of a face on Mars.

* Actually, the other way around. The lepta that some claim they see on the shroud were minted in Palestine. Nonetheless, they were Roman produced coins. The inscription of Tiberius Caesar would have been written in Greek as TIBERIOU KAISAROS. Was a C, as apparently seen on the shroud where a K was expected, a misspelling? This was a problem that seemed to preclude positive identification until an actual Lituus lepton was found with the aberrant spelling. Several have since been found. This anomaly seems to give credence to the coins identification. But why?

** It was a tank invention, not a flying saucer.

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