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Tinfoil Hat Warning: Are those demons wearing really cool looking shades?

But it was the demons on the cloth, with their triangle-shaped eyes and glowing faces that really convinced endtimeswatcher that the Shroud of Turin was a hoax. The text below does not refer to the demons (actually fire damage) but to the Catholic Church and the image of Jesus that stands between the demons:

The involvement in this area from the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) has really placed a stinger on this subject for me not only because they ‘back’ the whole ALIENS are our BROTHERS from SPACE movement but because I believe the religion to be based on the demonic activity of Satan from its very origin. . . . I think the facts speak for themselves. This item was placed into the scenario which adds to the flavor of the Catholic Church’s rendition of what Yeshua/Jesus looks like. Why? Because this Antichrist coming will look EXACTLY like the RCC pictures which were released and in case you didn’t know…the RCC would not allow ANY OTHER pictures to be released of Yeshua/Jesus!

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