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according to Frank Tipler of Tulane [pictured at blackboard]there are an infinate number of shrouds but they are in different universes.

I guess he did, in effect, say that in his book, “The Physics of Christianity.” I think Alan Guth, of MIT (just mentioned two days ago in Maybe It’s The Merlot: Alan Lightman Asks, ‘Does God Exist?’) while not saying anything about shrouds (why would he) explains it nicely:

[The many universes] may not all have life, but some fraction of them will have life and whatever that fraction is if there’s an infinite number of these universes there’ll be an infinite number of universes that have living civilisations.

imageAnd with this:

Essentially anything that can happen does happen in one of the alternatives which means that superimposed on top of the Universe that we know of is an alternative universe where Al Gore is President and Elvis Presley is still alive.

So I guess there would be an alternate universe where there is a shroud in a city named Turin. If we take Guth (pictured in the sweater) at his word – but barring miracles to meet him on his intellectual playground – we can argue that in some alternative universe a Shroud of Turin would be an authentic burial cloth of a man named Jesus who hailed from a town called Nazareth.

My favorite Alan Guth quote is:

I in fact have worked with several other people for some period of time on the question of whether or not it’s in principle possible to create a new universe in the laboratory. Whether or not it really works we don’t know for sure. It looks like it probably would work. It’s actually safe to create a universe in your basement. It would not displace the universe around it even though it would grow tremendously. It would actually create its own space as it grows and in fact in a very short fraction of a second it would splice itself off completely from our Universe and evolve as an isolated closed universe growing to cosmic proportions without displacing any of the territory that we currently lay claim to.

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