The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum Science and Faith Institute, Othonia, in collaboration with the International Center of Sindonology (Turin) is offering a Diploma of specialization in Shroud Studies. From the website:

Program 2011-2012

1st semester:

DSS001 Introductory Course : The Science and Theology of the Shroud (3 ECTS)

P. Gianfranco Berbenni OFM Cap.

Wednesday 3:30 – 5:15 pm

DSS002 History of the Shroud (3 ECTS)

Dr. Gian Maria Zaccone

Thursday 5:00 – 6:30 pm

2nd semester:

DSS03 Theology and Spirituality of the Shroud

P. Héctor Guerra LC and collaborators

Wednesday 3:30 – 5:15 pm

DSS004 Scientific Research on the Shroud: the STURP, History and Perspectives

Intensive Course (2 ECTS)

Barrie Schwortz (STERA)

March 5-8, 2012, 3:30 – 6.15 pm

DSSM01 Lecture series of Shroud experts (collaborators)

Following the fold (click on read more) you will find the contents of a cover letter to prospective students (available as a PDF on the website:


Pontifical Atheneum Regina Apostolorum
Science and Faith Institute
In collaboration with the International Center of Sindonology of Turin

Dear Reader,

The Institute of Science and Faith of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, in collaboration with the International Center of Sindonology of Turin, offers a  Diploma  of Specialization in Shroud Studies, a novelty in the panorama of higher education. This course lasts one year and is divided into two semesters.

The purpose of this program is to provide a systematic approach to the challenges which this exceptional cloth  presents to our intelligence so as to grasp its message  of  faith and love for believers.

Besides four principle classes, a series of conferences centers on the following topics: science and theology regarding the Shroud of Turin; its history; theology and spirituality of the Shroud; and scientific research on the Shroud.

This ample  survey is  open to everyone, priests, consecrated and lay people alike, professors, researchers, journalists, and anyone who may wish to go deeper into this vast and rich field of study, aided by an interdisciplinary approach.

The lectures and conferences are given by some of the most important experts on the Shroud: Pierluigi Baima Bollone, Nello Balossino, Bruno Barberis, Gianfranco Berbenni, Manuel Carreira, Avinoam Danin, Alberto Di Giglio, Paolo Di Lazzaro, Giuseppe Ghiberti, Héctor Guerra, Juan Pablo Ledesma, Emanuela Marinelli, Adolfo Orozco, Barrie Schwortz, Petrus Soons, Gian Maria Zaccone and others.

Why  pursue  a Diploma in Shroud  Studies? The Shroud of Turin challenges our indifference and raises many questions. This course, therefore, far from giving definitive and predetermined responses, provides the tools necessary for a scientific and in-depth study on the Shroud.

At the end of the course, once the series is completed and the required credits are obtained, you will receive the Diploma of Specialization in Shroud Studies.

With the hope that this presentation is of interest to you, we remain available and at your service further information.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Rafael Pascual, LC
Director of the Science and Faith Institute

Dr. Maria Chiara Petrosillo
Coordinator of the Diploma in Shroud Studies