imageIn a series of emails exchanges, which I am privileged to read,  there has been some discussion about what involvement, if any, Walter McCrone had, or claimed to have had, with the Shroud of Turin before Ray Rogers carried sticky sample tapes to Chicago for him to examine in 1978. The feeling is that he had none. There is a sense, however, of uncertainty about that. Maybe it is just me but I don’t feel that the matter has been nailed down.

Remember, McCrone claimed to have been kicked out of STURP. Nobody from STURP, that I know of, agrees this is accurate. That is why I think we need to consider what McCrone may have claimed to have done. For instance, did he offer advice to earlier efforts (1969, 1973) and then assume he was a consultant in some sort of way? Was his suggestion in 1976 that the shroud be radiocarbon dated of any significance?

Many people feel that McCrone was something of a blowhard. That too should be considered. What was the famous quote: something to the effect that only he was qualified to determine if there was paint on the shroud?

I am cross posting this to both and the Shroud Science Group and hoping for some more information.