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More Still on the Dirt on the Shroud of Turin

Ron has some valid points:

Assuming that the studies done on the material removed from the feet, nose and knee areas were done accurately, and I see no reason to believe otherwise; it is a very strong point to the authenticity of the Shroud.Taking Mr.Guscin’s observation(s) into account of course .But that is just one of many individual details found on the shroud that no artist would contemplate adding just too ‘fool’ a medieval crowd…Further testing is warranted, if just to appease the nay sayers though. The big question is whether the Vatican during thier 2002 ‘restoration’ left anything to study??. Anyways, since the oviedo cloth was mentioned; I have probably read just about everything I can find on the Oviedo cloth except Guscin’s book “The Oviedo Cloth”, reason; has anyone checked out the going price for that book? OMG it’s unbelievably expensive to acquire!

OMG is right. Amazon UK shows these books by Guscin (multiply by 1.58 today for dollars):

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