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Tinfoil Hat Warning: The Judas and Leonardo da Vinci Connection

imageHow did I miss this; a book about Jesus, not based on scripture, history, archeology or even science but intuition. The author, William H. Kautz of the book, “A New Jesus: Rediscovering His Deeper Teachings Through Intuitive Inquiry,” gives us a definition:

INTUITION is commonly regarded as a flash of insight, a gut feeling or (to some) a psychic hit, but it is actually much more than any of these. It is a universal mental capacity for acquiring knowledge apart from reasoning, memory and the five senses.

And thus we read (warning, don’t read this with a mouth full of coffee):

Jesus’ old friend Judas was bright and Essene trained but misfortunes forced him into tax collecting and association with the Zealots. He greatly loved Jesus and tried hard to exalt and protect him, but his efforts backfired because of his messianic, materialistic expectations. Jesus knew what lay in store for Judas but could not prevent it.

Judas was reborn about 1400 years later as Leonardo Da Vinci and lived out a creative and successful life with his residual remorse. He used his high intellect and dedication to inspire humanity through worldly, proto-scientific and artistic creations.

Jesus was judged under Pilate and crucified. He had the mental capacity to set aside his tormenters and avoid pain on the cross but he chose otherwise out of his compassion for humanity. His final words about abandonment were a devotional phrase from the Psalms. He left his body consciously dying rather quickly from suffocation, and was entombed as stated in the Gospels.

Before being placed in the tomb Jesus’ dead body was wrapped in a long, scented cloth, known later as the Shroud of Turin. This recovered garment is genuine though its recent dating is in error.

Jesus’ resurrection was enabled through regeneration (not revival) of his physical body by a process similar to the way in which certain animals regrow lost limbs. This occurred through a reunification of body mind and spirit, involving pranic (qi, or chi) forces, thus reconstituting the cell structures. The Christ energy or spirit then entered the regenerated body. His regenerated body appeared somewhat youthful to those who saw him.

The appearances of Jesus Christ over the following weeks were physically real, not apparitions.

At least Leonardo didn’t make the shroud. How do I know? Intuition.

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