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Evolution Makes Genesis More Profound, More Wondrous

Andrew Sullivan, writing in his blog, The Dish, over at The Daily Beast concludes a posting with these words: “One day, Christianity will see science as the wondrous gift it is, rather than as a threat to a cultural neurosis masquerading as faith.”

Here are three tidbits:

This is really another post-script to our series on Adam and Eve and Darwin. My own view is that there can be no conflict between eternal truth and empirical facts, because God is without error. And so the Genesis story is not disproven by Darwin; Darwin actually helps us understand its deeper spiritual, metaphorical truth.

. . . [Genesis] is a warning against the notion that because evolution gave us these extraordinary gifts, we are masters of the universe. (The same can be said of that other myth, "The Tower Of Babel"). But we are not masters of the universe. We are ni ange ni bete. We are in between heaven and earth, the first creatures to imagine a higher conciousness still, and find ourselves longing for it, while running away from it because of our weakness and pride . . .

"To Victory I am born" is what Jesus taught us was possible. "I am defeated all the time" is what Genesis is trying to remind us, to warn against hubris and a man-centered world. All of this isn’t just compatible with modern science, it is made more explicable, more profound, more wondrous given what we know about how we came to be.

Read the full posting and follow some of Sullivan’s links: The Origin Of Sin, Not Species – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast

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