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More on the Tablecloth of Turin: Linen Cloth Used for the Eucharist (Communion/Mass)

imageI have received a couple of emails wondering about any connection between a hypothetical tablecloth and the use of linen for altar cloths and various other cloths used for Mass/Eucharist/Communion.

The following list was obtained from various Episcopal Church websites. I know the definitions are similar in the Roman Catholic Church. While these are considered essential in most circumstances – bishops can be very insisting – I have taken communion on a beach by a campfire where the altar was a folding stool, the altar cloth a towel and the elements a loaf of bread and a bottle of sherry. And there are many instances when the hood of a Jeep has been used, not always with a proper linen cloth.

That said, I don’t think the Shroud of Turin was a tablecloth used at the Last Supper.

Here is the list":

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