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Comment Promoted on John and Rebecca Jackson to Speak on the Shroud of Turin

Yannick Clément comments:

Even if I don’t believe one second in Jackson hypothesis on image formation, I must say that I have a great respect for the man. I consider him to be a real competent scientist unlike some “wanna be” guys who gravitate around the Shroud world these days. One other important thing that speaks in his favor is the fact that he examine the Shroud in person during 5 days in 1978. That’s certainly help a scientist to understand better this cloth.

I also have to say “thank you” to him because he had the guts to form the STURP team in the 70s ! It was surely not an easy task !

So thank you John Jackson !!! I just hope one day, he’ll reconsider his resurrection hypothesis and start to examine (or re-examine) some natural hypothesis for the image formation…

I more than agree. There are other things I don’t agree with John or Rebecca about. John is an early influential hero and Rebecca a great help and wonderful communicator. They are, the two of them, a senior statesman and stateswoman of Shroud of Turin research.

John and Rebecca Jackson to Speak on the Shroud of Turin at Saint James the Just Parish in Ogden, Utah « Shroud of Turin Blog

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