The Shroud of Turin and The End Of The World

Here we go again, the end of the world is a comin’.

imageFor all those people, who still consider the Shroud of Turin to be a medieval fake, isn’t it better to think of it as one of the most powerful symbols of the Supernatural power of Good?

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These earthquakes are happening all over the world right now. Just read the news. So it is time for you to believe that Jesus Christ is getting ready to first cleanse and then save the earth. As His image has been preserved on the shroud of Turin, you can consider that he is among us, and is showing us that we need to Believe In Him and His Grace, to have the strength to bow before the will of Yahweh, in the coming years.

This blog was just getting interesting. What happened? Anyways, the blog’s owner just renewed the name for three years. So rest easy. The Shroud of Turin and The End Of The World | Shroud of Turin

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  1. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the “End of the World”, because when we read the passages about end times, it’s very clear that Jesus, especially, indicated that His return was imminent. And the prophets of the Bible also indicated that it was better to believe Jesus was coming anytime soon, than it was to deny it. The angel told the prophet Daniel that people would deny it all the way up to the end and THEN they would get caught short because of their denials.

    Apparently Jesus wanted us to live BELIEVING it. Yeah, it’s more Faith stuff again, whatta drag.

    But the thing is, that’s what Abraham was given credit for: Abraham BELIEVED and it was credited to him for righteousness. (Hebrews 11.) Abraham believed the promise, even though it didn’t happen in this lifetime. The only thing that happened was Isaac born of Sarah. Otherwise the rest of God’s covenant with Abraham was not fulfilled. And yet, Abraham believed it.

    His son Isaac was so convinced of the power of this blessing that Isaac’s fervor was relayed to his twin sons Esau and Jacob. The blessing and the promise belonged to Esau by birthright, but Jacob really wanted it for himself and he wanted it bad. Isaac BELIEVED it, and he taught his sons to BELIEVE it.

    I think we have the same obligation about the Lord’s return: we are obligated as good Christians to believe it and LIVE as if we believed it, because we do behave differently if we think Jesus is going to show up at any minute. If we choose to live this way, there is a blessing in it for us: the blessing for those who live by Faith.

    Besides… there are a few things that we can’t deny. Israel is in their land, and this is the MAIN thing that cannot be swept under the rug. It’s a miracle beyond any other miracle, that a race of people returns to their homeland 2000 years later. It’s impossible. And Jesus said that, when you see these things begin to happen then he will return within the span of a man’s lifetime. So…. Israel is the thing we dare not ignore. There have always been trials, disasters, wars and other traumas and tragedies, but Israel is what makes everything different in our time. Therefore, it’s necessary to sit up and take notice.

    Here’s a list of 101 End Times prophecies. It’s a terrific list. I don’t agree with all his interpretations, but the list is great.

    Yes, Harold Camping was a flake for setting a date for Christ’s return, back in May. No doubt about it. But maybe God used Camping for a “trial run” so to speak. Camping’s prediction got everybody’s attention. And therefore, the reaction to it also revealed what’s in people’s hearts. Some people tried to prepare themselves for the Lord’s return (just in case), whereas others thought the whole thing was just an opportunity for mockery. So Camping’s “trial run” did some sorting and sifting. I’m sure God must have noticed what kind of response there was. Maybe God even USED Camping’s prediction as a way to warn us: not yet, but Soon.

    It’s time to be serious about the return of Jesus Christ, I think. Israel is the reason why.

  2. Amen to that Annie Cee! Episcopalian no one shall no the hour or day of Christ’s Return. I believe you might of taken the “The End of World” article wrong. No, we our not like Harold Camping and his teachings. Maybe I should of written the Title “The Return of Christ”. We do believe that Christ’s Return is near and that He his about to change the world for the greater. As of now prophecies and Trumpet our being full filled right front of our eyes.

    One of main Prophecies that has occurred was the return of Israel in May of 1948. We are living in the Generation which shall see the Coming of Jesus Christ.

    So I hope we have cleared the “The End of the World” Blog.

    Thanks Episcopalian, Keep on Posting

    Shroud of Turin News

  3. people will go on living as they do up to the end, if there is one. The Shroud is an enigma like no other. Real or not. It’s incredible and should get all the attention and study possible. Like the chamber under the right paw of the Sphynx, and other anamolies…they need to open these areas for inspection. Now, before it’s too late. There are things out there that go unchecked that could put some real light on alot of these end of time ideas. I think there is so much out there, and so much undiscovered. We’ve only scratched the surface. Whatever happens, we’ll never be able to change a thing no matter what we know. But, at least we can go out knowing how much we screwed up, and accept our fate.

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