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The Shroud of Turin and The End Of The World

Here we go again, the end of the world is a comin’.

For all those people, who still consider the Shroud of Turin to be a medieval fake, isn’t it better to think of it as one of the most powerful symbols of the Supernatural power of Good?

. . .

These earthquakes are happening all over the world right now. Just read the news. So it is time for you to believe that Jesus Christ is getting ready to first cleanse and then save the earth. As His image has been preserved on the shroud of Turin, you can consider that he is among us, and is showing us that we need to Believe In Him and His Grace, to have the strength to bow before the will of Yahweh, in the coming years.

This blog was just getting interesting. What happened? Anyways, the blog’s owner just renewed the name for three years. So rest easy. The Shroud of Turin and The End Of The World | Shroud of Turin

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