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Paper Chase: New From the Holy Shroud Guild Site

A reader writes to point out new material at Holy Shroud Guild website:

In 1979, Dr. Eugenia L. Nitowski wrote her dissertation as a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame titled,  "Reconstructing the Tomb of Christ from Archaeological and Literary Sources".

In 1986 Dr. Nitowski now known as Sister Damian had conducted a research which she documented in Jerusalem reconstructing  the tomb of Christ to demonstrate how it would relate to the image formation on the Holy Shroud of Turin.

Sister Damian in her writings to Father Otterbien has expressed that her studies and findings be shared for all to see. It is my intention to do just that but amongst some of her correspondences to the Guild, concerns about threads taken in 1973 from Dr. Raes’ samples came into questioning.

I strongly advise that if you have any information about the Raes’ samples please use our post comment menu to clarify any discrepancies you find with Sister Damian’s letters when posting commences.

I’ll be starting to post Sister Damian’s work on August 23rd and you’ll be required to sign in by requesting the new password.

Thank you

Giorgio Bracaglia

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