[Picture+003.jpg]In an essay for an English class (101, no less), Ross Caron writes:

. . . “Is the Shroud of Turin an authentic artifact of a first century Roman crucifixion and burial?” After reviewing a wealth of scientific research (both for and against authenticity) and using a variety of research media that included books, journal articles, websites, even a History Channel television special, I hope the reader of this essay will be able to reach an unbiased conclusion that is the answer to the question is yes.

After several well-argued points he concludes:

So, do I think my research found an answer to the question I posed? I do and I believe the answer is actually given very well in this final quote from Russ Breault: “The shroud is either authentic or it’s not. From the point of science it can never be proven, but – there is a different view of evidence and that is the courtroom definition as to whether it’s authentic or not. I believe if the shroud of Turin was put on trial to determine if it was authentic, the jury would find it authentic.” (Jesus -The Lost 40 Days. 15 April. 2011.).

I agree. Now, the question is up to you to answer. What do you believe?

Full essay: ross.caronblogspot.com: Persuasive Essay – The Shroud of Turin