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China’s Scenic Attractions Like the Shroud of Turin

Computer generated text spam is clogging up the search engines. This is an example of a fake blog called “China’s Scenic Attractions” that is found by searching on Shroud of Turin. The whole purpose (it is complicated to explain how) is to sell Gucci wallets and handbags (probably fake). For me it is a waste of time:

China’s cathedral (Duomo), built in in1498. The church is not very big, but because Christianity in the world which keep most rigorous preserved, causing the most controversy a cultural relics – “Jesus shroud”, world famous. “Jesus shroud” is a linen, long 4.2 meters, the width 1 meter, for flax texture, slightly separates a certain distance, can clearly above see a person of positive and back images. Image is 180cm tall, long hair hang down shoulder, hands placed on abdomen, cross in the head, hand, ribs and foot a clear red lubricious piece, is working with waltheof shape as recorded in the bible when Jesus was dead state of the same. Though the Vatican has never announced that the shroud is credible, but it was taken as a Christian one special thing to collect and respect. The shroud every one hundred years take out only about four times, each time public exhibition exhibition, distances thousands of christians gathered to visit. They believe that all we see is Jesus Christ’s ZhenRong. “Jesus shroud” was first discovered is French. 1356 years the shroud was first publicly, immediately cause whole Christ world shaking, because not only the figure on the cloth looks like the legendary Christ, and still have blood.

In a similar vein, I get attempted comments in my blog like, “Thank you for that wonderful message. Your wise words are so helpful.” They provide links to sites that are selling something.

No, I am not going to provide a link.

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