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Press Release: The Institute on Religion and Science of the Regina Apostolorum on the Shroud of Turin

imageVia Google Translation: How did the image of the shroud?"Fidest – Agency news / press agency:

Monday, May 16, 2011 in Rome via Aldobrandeschi 190, The Institute on Religion and Science of the Regina Apostolorum will try to give some answers with free admission to two conferences to be held in the Master’s degree in Shroud studies. Will speak at 15.30 Paolo Di Lazzaro, Doctor of Physics, Senior Researcher at the Research Center ENEA Frascati, on "scientific hypotheses on the formation of the Shroud." This will be followed at 17.30, the conference "The debate about the Shroud: the ‘case Shroud’ is not closed", with Prof. Bruno Barberis, Sindonologia of the International Centre of Turin. Pontifical Regina Apostolorum on campus there is also the permanent exhibition "Who is the man of the Shroud?", With free entry. The exhibition contains, among other things, a copy of the Shroud of Turin, a hologram and a sculpture that seek to reconstruct the human body in three dimensions on the sheet, and a replica of the crown of thorns, nails and used flagella , as could be detected from the image. In addition, some large panels trace the history of the Shroud and explain the main scientific research in recent years, with particular reference to recent studies in the field of botany.

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