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Another Review of the I’m Not Jesus Mommy Film of the Boy Cloned from the Shroud of Turin

Max Sparber in the MinnPost of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota:

I saw another movie this weekend, and I have been hesitant about writing about it, because it’s a locally made film that’s … not great. I accidentally wound up seeing the film with cast and the crew, and they all seemed thrilled by it, and I am not in the habit of undermining the pleasure people take in their own work. And, where this film fails, it fails so catastrophically that there is a temptation to mock it. Colin Covert of the Star Tribune compared the film to "Birdemic" and "The Room," both films with an audience base that only attend screenings for the sake of mockery. But, while I understand this impulse, I don’t make it a habit to write about independent artists just to publicize their failures. People have no trouble steering clear of bad art, and don’t need my help.

But the film is interesting enough that I think it is worth exploring. It’s titled "I’m Not Jesus Mommy," and there, right there, we already have a problem. Where is the comma between "Jesus" and "mommy"? . . .

. . . The title is also a massive spoiler, as the film is about a little boy who was cloned with cells from the shroud of Turin. If the boy is not Jesus, there’s only two ways this film can go. Seeing as the shroud dates back only as far as the 13th century, the boy could be a clone of some medieval religious relic forger. But, as the birth of the boy has precipitated the eschaton, and seeing that the boy was born with a rash in the shape of an upside-down crucifix on his forehead, that’s probably not the direction this film is headed. . . .

Vaughn Juares and I have communicated by email. He was kind enough to send me a DVD. When I receive it, I’ll watch the movie and give you my opinion.

Here is the full review (below the review of Thor)

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