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Similes work only if they are similes

Artnet reports it this way:

The face of Jesus seems to turn up all over the place — on a three-cheese pizza, in a water stain, on the Shroud of Turin.

Now, the face of Jesus is coming to Philadelphia this summer, via no less than seven portraits by Rembrandt van Rijn.

“Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus,” Aug. 3-Oct. 30, 2011, brings seven of Rembrandt’s eight known portraits of Jesus — two of which he kept in his own bedroom — to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The seven paintings are fairly small, and all painted on wood.

The pizza and the stains are forms of pareidolia, of course. On the Shroud of Turin the image is really there whether or not it is a genuine image or a faked image.  The works of Rembrandt are art, as the columnist knows. This is like writing that

nuts seem to turn up all over the place – as acorns on the lawn, holding wheels on my car and as people who think they know what a simile is.

Rembrandt’s Face of Jesus in Philadelphia – artnet Magazine

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