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Face from the Shroud of Turin and the Manoppello

imageA good article in Canada Free Press by Judy McLeod:

It was the never-give-up Sister Blandina who discovered “when you place the Face from the Shroud of Turin on top of that of Manoppello, we have to admit that the image on the sudarium and that on the shroud originated at the same time.”

The characters of both Fr. Pfeiffer and Sr. Blandina are drawn out gently through Badde’s always intuitive pen. 

“That the image entirely and completely corresponded in all proportions and measure, had often been asserted in Italy for some time already; but no one had ever shouted it from the rooftops as loudly as Sister Blandina,” wrote Badde . . .


I am not yet convinced. But read the full article at:

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