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Newly Posted Shroud of Turin Videos on Cross TV

Here are some videos that just popped up on Cross TV this morning. I’ve mentioned Shroud Encounter presentations by Russ Breault in other posts. The first one is from one of his talks. The fourth video is an interview with Russ.

Ancient Pictograms Prove Shroud 8 min
Excerpt from Shroud Encounter dealing with Byzantine Icon images and how they were more likely based on the face image from

Los Alamos Lab Confirms Shroud  41 min
Bob Villareal and six other researchers using the most sophisticated technology in the world analyzed samples from the Shroud of

Shroud Pollen Prove its Authentic 25 min 
An episode of The Shroud Report featuring research archaeologist Paul Maloney. Paul’s specialty has been in analyzing the

Shroud of Christ Evidence Interview  22 min 
An interview of Russ Breault, founder and president of Shroud University and Shroud Encounter both dealing with the mystery of …

Correcting Shroud Skeptics 12 min 
This shows how scientists placed an incorrect date for the Shroud of Turin. Originally scientists did not take a fabric sample from an

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