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Thoughts for a Sunday Morning on Science and Religion

Jordon writing in Mormon Perspectives:

Well, how accurate is this idea of a fight between science and religion?  In my opinion among most people it’s accurate.  I’m not sure in reality the two cross paths that often.  Strong individuals from both sides often force the issue and slam the two together, but for the most part I think both are happy to do their own thing.  I remember sitting in a religion class, religion classes are required at [Brigham Young University] big surprise huh?, and listening to the professor rant about all the evils that the biology department would try to cram down my throat.  He tried to prove the lies of science with words from holy writ.  It was the exactly the kind of unnecessary battle I think that happens too often.  Other examples include Scopes Trial in 1925, the Shroud of Turin, composition of the Bible, origin of the universe, to name a few well-known.

A lot of scientific Mormons that I know [and I might add, Christians, Jews and Muslims, each from many traditions and denominations, as well] like the theory that science is a tool that God, an all knowing being, uses to create, govern, and structure the universe.  It’s a very safe line of thinking.  Science can change and is advanced as it is proven by rigorous theoretical and experimental testing.  Therefore, when science seems to contradict religion it can be chalked up to science not being up to snuff.

Wrong methods used, incorrect theories, whatever the problem proper understanding of science will always validate religion.  As much as I like this attitude I cannot fully support it.  One flaw for me is that it accepts that science and religion or fundamentally the same.  They can be used to solve the same questions.  I don’t think science answers a lot of the questions I answer with religion.  For example, the physical creation of this world/evolution and similar veins of questions I feel science can answer for me.  Questions about God’s purpose for me and how I should live my life at the most fundamental level science can’t answer but religion and my faith can.

If you get too attached that good science won’t contradict religion, I think that your faith may be more susceptible to stories where the exact opposite happens.  Keep both parties in their respective corners and if the bell rings to start the bout I may just look away.  It’s one fight that just doesn’t seem that interesting for me.

Good thinking:  Science vs all comers | Mormon Perspectives

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