Email of the Day on the Shroud of Turin Blog

A reader from New York City writes:

I enjoy your blog and your many references to the Shroud of Turin, some so trivial they should be ignored. But you always find something to say. Dandelion soup, in other words. Yesterday, you enlightened me with the best argument I have ever encountered for knowing that the shroud is real: Lorna Salzman doesn’t think so.

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Shroud of Turin Blog Posting of the Week

imageKelly writes:

So, Jesus, did You do this? Of course, You could have, and I join the many who do believe You did. The more important question, however, is, why did You do it?

Has it been the tipping point for any person toward believing in You? Does it send the great minds You’ve created into intellectual expeditions trying to figure out what must have emanated from Your body as You were rising? Or, is it just the result of a natural process that occurred in that specific environment, in that specific time, when Your body went through the resurrection?

Be sure to read this entire post. You will be glad you did: Dear God, this is Kelley

An Improvement on Garlaschelli’s Method

Maree Phelan of Posh Pizza in New Farm, Brisbane:  “He’s a little bit old and decrepit. I guess it’s open to interpretation, but to me, it’s Jesus.”

Biggest Discovery Since the Dead Sea Scrolls or Masterful Forgery?

imageJoe Marino writes to tell us that there is an AOL News video about those recently discussed ancient lead pages that some believe might be early Christian writings. See:

The video is very good an explaining the controversy. After all, no one knows yet what the books say. And no one knows if they are authentic or not.

Watch: Ancient Books Could Be Biggest Discovery Since the Dead Sea Scrolls [VIDEO]