Another ‘Shroud Encounter’ Presentation

imageKatlyn Bacon reporting in MetroWNY:

“Shroud Encounter,” which covers all aspects of the history and science of the Shroud of Turin, came to Joylan Theater on April 17 (Palm Sunday). International expert Russ Breault, the president and founder of The Shroud of Turin Education Project Inc., has been researching and lecturing on the Shroud of Turin for more than 25 years.

If it was Russ Breault, it was excellent. Read the full article: The Shroud of Turin Education Project presented ‘Shroud Encounter’ at Joylan Theater | News |

One thought on “Another ‘Shroud Encounter’ Presentation”

  1. Hello ! I’m 37 y.o. a catholic guy from Quebec, Canada. First, I want to say that I really respect the work done by M. Breault. I’ve seen both History channel documentary with M. Breault in it : The real face of Jesus (a documentary I found interesting but no more than that) and The lost 40 days (a documentary I hate profondly because it read the gospel in a very litteral way witch is a really wrong thing to do when you know the Middle East way of telling stories).

    Here, I want to note that M. Breault made one big mistake in both documentary and that’s when he said that the shroud is the genuine shroud of Jesus or it’s an artwork. I would like to say that there’s an in-between possibility here ! In fact, I see 2 other possibilities ! And I think William Meacham also note them in one of his shroud articles from the mid-80s.

    Here it is : The shroud could just be a real shroud of someone else than Jesus who suffer the same kind of torture. And the shroud could also be a fraud made by a zealous forger who did torture someone like Christ in order to produce a relic.

    A comment like the one of M. Breault is weak and incorrect. So, I would appreciate to see more rigour when it come from a supposed “shroud expert”… Thanks !

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