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Comment of the Day on Jesus: The Lost 40 Days

Sean O’Reilly comments on the NY Post’s website to Linda Stasi who wrote the article about the History Channel’s Jesus: The Lost 40 Days. First he quotes Stasi:

”I’m most impressed that Jesus stopped bleeding, cleaned up and got himself a spiffy new robe for those personal appearances.”.

Then he writes:

You were doing fine with this article until you wrecked it with that short paragraph. Can’t take just 1 day off of hating, can you?

Ray Downing — who created the documentary, who according to Stasi “recreated the face of Jesus last year, attempts — with the help of theologians and experts in the lost gospels — to bring what we know about the appearances Jesus made after his death come alive,” — has also reacted to that very same sentence about the “spiffy new robe.” In an email to me he wrote:

This is not an attack on the program – what [Stasi] is mocking here is the central core of the Christian belief.

The question is: where did Jesus get the spiffy new life which enabled him to appear alive again after all he had suffered?

Ask that question and you might get somewhere.

Sean, I’m emailing your comment to Ray. I know he will appreciate it, just as I did. Thanks.

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