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Jesus: The Lost 40 Days Ships June 1, 2011

imageJesus: The Lost 40 Days, which premiers tonight, April 20, will begin shipping June 1, 2011, from for $24.95 and for $19.99.

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Description: According to the Bible, Jesus Christ spent 40 days on Earth after his Resurrection on that first Easter Sunday before ascending to Heaven. Astonishingly, the New Testament is practically silent on what happened during this period. Why are only a few scattered paragraphs devoted to perhaps the central, most defining and miraculous event in Christianity? And most importantly, what did Jesus do and say during those incredible 40 days? Jesus: The Lost 40 Days is a new investigation into this missing time period. For the first time, viewers will see all that recorded history can reveal about this mysterious period. Could Christ’s words during those 40 days contain his most important teachings? Why is none of it in the Gospels? Could there have been a conspiracy to exclude this information? Jesus: The Lost 40 Days will attempt to unravel this centuries-old mystery and further our understanding of the amazing life and death events surrounding one of history’s most prominent figures.

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