Last year THE REAL FACE OF JESUS was revealed.

Now HISTORY invites viewers to experience what the apostles may have seen which caused them to believe in the impossible

New York, April 19, 2011 – This week Christians around the world will celebrate the story of the Resurrection. Extraordinary events, however, require extraordinary evidence. For a period of 40 days following his disappearance from the tomb, according to the New Testament, Jesus provided that evidence – he was seen alive again. This Easter HISTORY takes the viewers on an unforgettable journey to see what the apostles may themselves have seen. JESUS: THE LOST 40 DAYS will premiere on Wednesday, April 20th, 9pm ET/PT.

JESUS: THE LOST 40 DAYS follows up to The Real Face of Jesus which premiered last year to worldwide attention. This year, the CGI team which extracted the tortured body of Jesus from the Turin Shroud is on a new mission. The story of Jesus did not end with the disappearance of his body from the tomb.

For a period of 40 days following the discovery of the missing body, the New Testament reports that Jesus appeared to his followers as a living, flesh and blood, man. Our CGI team will attempt to visualize Jesus alive again as his followers saw him – from his appearance to a weeping Mary Magdalene, to his final ascension from the Mount of Olives. Surprisingly, the New Testament reveals little about this defining miracle of the Christian faith.

Using tools of history, technology, science and faith, HISTORY tells the little-known story. Long-buried non-Biblical sources yield astonishing information and detail about these seemingly lost 40 days. Could Jesus’ words in these ancient manuscripts contain some of his most important teachings, even though they were not included in the New Testament? Or are these teachings lost forever?


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