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A Sixty Second, Enjoyable Read

imageDo read, The Angel in the Bookstore in A Time-Traveler’s Blog:

For English class, I chose to write about the Shroud of Turin for my senior research paper. Unable to find what I needed in the library, I dropped by a little neighborhood bookstore. (It was sold and expanded, and it’s now a pet shop. But I remember what happened there like it was yesterday…)

Right after my last class, I headed back down the road. This shop was tiny, and when you walked in, or out, a bell attached to the door rang. After looking through a couple sections, I found what I was looking for. And they only had one copy. Considering whether or not to buy the book or choose another topic and head back to the library, I left empty-handed.

So click on in to The Angel in the Bookstore in A Time-Traveler’s Blog.

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