imageTersio Gorrasi writes:

I’m an entusiast on the Shroud of Turin, among many others. It’s a very simple approach about the secular controversy on this amazing cloth: a forger never will fake something which he does not know, or something which his contemporary people do not know, because this would be absolutely nonsense. It’s the same thing as one who fakes a thirty dollars bill! Well, neither the New Testament nor the apochriphal gospels mention a single line about the existence of a cloth with both the images frontal and dorsal of Jesus’ body. One would suppose the Veronica’s veil, which displays only Jesus’ face and is know by Christian tradition, would be faked instead. If the Shroud were a fake, this would be the greatest paradox of all time, because an astonishing masterpiece which defies even the 21th Century scientists, would be made in order to convince the audience on the authenticity of something unknown by them!


Tersio Gorrasi, MSc

I agree with the logic (but it seems there was a thirty dollar bill issued by the Continental Congress in July and November of 1776). 

No, it is most unlikely that anyone would have forged the Shroud of Turin for the very idea was absurd. From the posting, An Improvement on Garlaschelli’s Method « Shroud of Turin Blog