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Robert Cariola’s Book “SHROUD:art images”

imageIn 2008, Long Island artist, Robert Cariola, authored a book called, SHROUD:art images. It is available at and Amazon. According to the author’s website:

The Shroud – an ancient imprint on linen cloth believed to be the face of Christ, fascinating Christians and men for centuries. Its rich religious and cultural history has sparked inspiration in Robert Cariola as well.

Behold SHROUD: art images, a showcase of the superb outcomes of that inspiration.

Comprised of Roberts images and passages from the Bible, Robert has put together a collection depicting the face of Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin.

As far as I know, this book has never been reviewed. Has anyone seen the book? At $71.99 for a paperback version and $81.99 for the hardcover version, it is too expensive to buy sight unseen. I will contact the author. You may visit his blog at » Blog Archive » SHROUD:art images

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