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New 3D Rendering of the Shroud of Turin Face by John Chen

John Chen has done some great, new 3D modeling of the Shroud of Turin face. On his blog, he wrote:

The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot cloth in which many believe Jesus Christ was buried. I watched an interesting doco on SBS tonight about the shroud and how scientists tried to disproof this relic. This inspired me to do a little investigation myself, as the photo that was taken during the examination reminded me of a depth map, used in 3D CGI to generate displacements on an object.

Of course, read his Blog « Visual FX | Animation | 3D – And while there, check out some of his other 3D modeling work.

This is an image from his blog based on the shroud face:

John writes:

What I found interesting was not who this person was, but how the image was transferred onto the cloth in the first place 2000+ years ago?? or as cabron dating suggest 1200 – 1300

We’ll have to get John up to speed on the carbon dating issues.

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