imageIn early March I made note of a posting at, A Shroud-Inspired Agnostic Point of View from an Ex-Christian. It was by someone who called himself or herself Slow Break.

Joe Marino also pointed out this article to me. “I thought what he/she had to say was pretty interesting,” he wrote.

I read it again. It is interesting. If you missed it before, read it now at ExChristian.Net: How the Shroud of Turin made me an Agnostic

And . . .

Did you know that the Shroud of Turin is mentioned three times in D. M. Thomas’ 1993 best selling novel, The White Hotel? Of course you did.

Here is a bit from the novel that seems to relate to what Slow Break was saying:

The heroine seeking to restore her weak faith decides to visit the Shroud. It didn’t work. Then a priest asks her, “But my child. Why should a relic — real or not — cause you to lose your faith?”

She answers, “No. You misunderstand. I am convinced the Shroud is real. But the man I saw is dead. He reminded me of pressed flowers.