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Two decades after radiocarbon dating declared the Turin Shroud a mediaeval fake, brand-new historical discoveries strongly suggest that this famous cloth, with its extraordinary photographic imprint, is genuinely Christ’s shroud after all.In 1978 in his international bestseller The Turin Shroud Ian Wilson ignited worldwide public debate with his compelling case endorsing the shroud’s authenticity. Now, 30 years later, he has completely rewritten and updated his earlier book

Here is a reader review from Timothy S. Jones:

. . . Ian Wilson is an excellent author, he is always even handed and credible in his approach. Of course he is well known to believe the shroud genuine, but he does not let that prevent him from being fair and reasonable, giving dissenting perspectives a respectful hearing. This book does recap his earlier writings on the shroud, but it also includes the last ten years worth of discoveries, and is the best place to start for someone just becoming interested in the subject, also a great way for those long interested in the shroud to get ‘up to speed’. A fascinating read!

I agree with Jones. The Kindle edition is priced at $9.99. See The Shroud — Kindle Ebooks Shop & Reviews