The things people find in the Shroud of Turin besides the image of a man: coins, flowers and now this. Here is a clownish face in a burn mark. No, it is not the face of the man pictured on the shroud.

The photos below are of the Shroud of Turin, "borrowed" from the Holy Shroud Guild website.

imageimageIn them is a faint figure that is supposed by some to be the impression Jesus left on the Shroud when he came back to life in the tomb. Maybe yes. Maybe no. We have no comment on that.

To us, what is more noticeable and remarkable are the four faces next to the central figure’s sholders (sic) and knees. When we first saw photos of the Shroud, it was these faces that immediately leaped out at us. We saw the faint figure that is supposed to be Jesus only after somewhat closer inspection. It was not as obvious.

And this piece of brilliant insanity:

Our proof is in doubt – as is all irrationalogical proof. Our proof is imagined. Our proof is in rumors. There are no facts – except the fact that there is a Shroud of Turin, and the images of four faces appear in its burn marks. Look for the dada-ananda, and one is disillusioned. Our disillusionment confuses us. Our confusion liberates us to doubt everything. Doubting everything leads us to the falseness of truth. The falseness of truth is the beginning of imagination. The beginning of imagination is the threshold of madness. The threshold of madness returns us to ourselves.

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